For a democratic University

The Netzwerk Unterbau Wissenschaft is a network of people committed to improving working conditions and achieving a true democratisation of universities in Austria (and beyond). We are particularly dedicated to improving the situation of precarious knowledge workers such as students, prae- and postdoc researchers, lecturers and other researchers below the professoriate. Of this group, more than 90 per cent (which corresponds to around 34,000 scientists throughout Austria) are only employed on a temporary basis. A sad top position in international comparison. That is why we stand for a far-reaching abolition of fixed-term employment contracts.

In our view, better working conditions must go hand in hand with a fundamental democratisation of universities. This includes increased decision-making powers, more transparency and greater diversity. To achieve this, we support local groups at various universities and work together with interest groups, associations and representative organisations such as trade unions and the Arbeiterkammer.

Learn more about our vision for a more democratic university and how you can join our movement. Or have a look at our latest news and activites.