NUWiss proposal for the reform of the University act (Universitätsgesetz)

Section 109 of the Austrian Universities Act is not without reason subject to particularly strong criticism (also from NUWiss). However, the problems of the University Act go far beyond this.

In regular meetings with representatives of other organisations (in particular IG:Lektor*innen, the Elise Richter Network and the Gender Studies Association Austria), we have spent two years intensively discussing the biggest problems in the university sector and have assigned these to four topic areas:

  • Organisational law and principles
  • Participation and the public
  • Personnel policy
  • Funding

In the more detailed analysis, nine problems have emerged, which we want to address with nine concrete proposals for changing the university law in order to show ways to make the university a better place for all. A revised University Act could then finally create the structures needed for universities to better fulfil their societal tasks.

We hope that these proposals will provide the impetus for a fundamental reform of the University Act and look forward to discussing them with you and all interested university policy actors.

For now, the proposal is only in German, unfortunately, but we are working on a translation in English. Contact us if you want to help.

We are also planning to organize another meeting in English on Austrian University Employment Law on September 19, 2023. SAVE THE DATE.

For more information, have a look here for the announcement of the last meeting

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